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Website design
Website design

Surfing on the internet, your visitors have very big choice. That is why you will not want to waste their time with something useless. So the most important thing is the content of your website, its accessibility and usefulness.

The design of your website should look nice, but also can be easy to use, users should easily find the information for which you have visited. Keep in mind that your site is not just a brochure, and provide much more comprehensive information about your products or services.

It is better to structure your website similar to your store or your office. So your visitors will have a very clear idea of ??what they can buy from you and how your website can be useful


Unfortunately, not all the people have your possibilities and can afford your great 29 inch FULL HD monitor, which all web sites look tiny. And the most important visitor for you is your next client. And if he is one of those 15% with a monitor with a resolution of 1024/768 pixels, he would love to not scroll left and right, so you must think about it in advance.

Home page

The home page of your website is in most cases the first that your visitor sees. Loading speed is important, especially with the rise of mobile devices.


The most important thing in a website are the texts. Note that visitors may not have time to read your 63 paragraphs of text. So write in the beginning the most important thing. Then you can expand the description by offering more details and clarifications. So your visitors will read the first essential and if they are interested in, they will want to continue with the next explanations without feel bored to waste their time by reading a lot of text, which ultimately may find it uninteresting.

Please do not use 12 different fonts and 6 different colors for your text. This will not attract the attention of visitors, but they will get epilepsy and with the advent of EU law in Bulgaria, you can be prosecuted in a fast procedure.

The titles of the articles and pages must be clearly separated from the main text by incorporating the most important keywords.

Links in your website

Use descriptive links that not only help visitors to navigate through the website, but search engines that pay attention to these descriptions. A good option is the description of the link to duplicate the title of the page.

Site Navigation

The most important thing is the clear site menu. Your most important menus must be easily visible, so that visitors who do not have all the time in the world and have come just to reach you, they can do it quickly.

Last but not least, you must push the viewer to act - purchase request, phone call, or whatever is the purpose of your site.

WEBDESIGNBG will be happy to help you build a successful website that attracts the attention of your customers


  • Custom web design
  • Web sites and online shops with full administrative panel
  • You are able to add, modify, delete anytime
  • Simple and clean, no special skills required
  • You have full access to the site: types, subtypes, pages, texts, images, files, contacts
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