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Online shop development
Online shop development

More and more people shop online, especially if the store is located far from their physical location. Online shopping is becoming safer, especially given that each item purchased over the Internet can be returned within 7 days without requiring explanations for the return.

For business, the benefits are obvious - you do not have to pay rent for the premises of the store, hiring of always available staff, it is not nessessary to store goods in a warehouse, the cost of opening and maintenance are significantly smaller.

Furthermore, the production of an online store in WEBDESIGNBG has an attractive price, payable at once, you will have full control panel to manage products in the store, and no funds are needed for the maintenance of the website.

WEBDESIGNBG offers individual software solution fully meet your needs and requirements, the website will have a unique design and a control panel that is designed specifically for your online shop.

What you need to have a successful online store

Domain name

The domain of the online store should be easy to remember, with a clear message, if possible, include a keyword you want be reached by. It is good to have a catchy slogan for visitors so they can associate you with it.

Types and divisions of the products in the store

Types of products should always be visible, because the front page of your site, the first one that visitors see, may not be your first page, but for example a page for a specific product. So it is better if visitors can see product divisions clearly and distinctly.

Each type is good to have a short description that is unique and not repeated with any other type. It is better on the page of a type to see this description, and the products of the respective type.

We do not recommend the use of many type levels, as it hampers both visitors to your store, and search engines to crawl your site and remember the structure.

Products in the shop

Of course, every product in the online store must have its own page on the site, which clearly indicate its price, to have a unique text description and some images. It is important to induce the viewer to act, for example to purchase the product.

Search the site

Search engine is an indispensable part of an online store, so that visitors who do not have time to go around the "tree of products" can quickly find the product they are looking for.

News and Articles

Regularly update the site with news and articles related to the sector in which you sell, is particularly important for search engines. For example, if you sell websites the more articles on websites you have to your site the more search engines will illustrate that this site can find just that.

News, of course, must have a unique and copy protected content.


Choose various payment methods in your online store, depending on the user's site audience and its expectations. For example, if you sell tours, visitors will be happy to book with a credit or debit card, they do not want to lose unnecessary time. If you sell second hand parts, they will probably want to pay by cash, by using an option of the "check before pay."

We can implement various payment methods to suit different audiences.

SEO optimization of an online store

Content, content and content again. This is the only important factor for your online store can be easily accessible by search engines. Along with all things mentioned above.

WEBDESIGNBG will be happy to create your online store. You can rely on us in website development, and subsequent maintenance.

Because our sites are good looking, and they are not expensive as well!

If you have questions related to our work, do not hesitate to contact us!


  • Custom web design
  • Web sites and online shops with full administrative panel
  • You are able to add, modify, delete anytime
  • Simple and clean, no special skills required
  • You have full access to the site: types, subtypes, pages, texts, images, files, contacts
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