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Screenshot of website Metal-M
Trade in ferrous and nonferrous metals

Metal-М-Sofia OOD is the first company in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe to implement an automated metal processing warehousing system! The one of a kind modern store for trade and services in the field of metals was commissioned at the end of 2008 after an investment in excess of EUR 4 million

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Screenshot of website DEFRO
Heating technology

Defro is the largest manufacturer of boilers in Poland and occupies about 70% of the Polish market. Its main objective is to provide customers a functional product that combines quality, aesthetics and affordability. Over the years, extends the range of products designed using CAD / CAM technology.

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Screenshot of website Darobas Winery
Darobas Winery
The soul of the wine

Darobas Winery has its first harvest in 2005 / 2006 from its own plantations, cultivated by certified elite vines of well-known French, Italian and Spanish nurseries. They include a wide range of classic European and local varieties but as an accent and some aristocratic and exotic ones

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