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So, you have a real estate web site and finally have decided to make a web site but you don't know what to put in there? You have a small team and not able (at least at that point) to hire a web marketing specialist to make the strategy for you? This article is for you. Here are some tips for making a good real estate web site:


One of the most important things in a web site is the domain name. In a perfect world the perfect domain for you will be realestates.com but nowadays you have to satisfy with some additions like myname-realestate or realestate2000 or other that match you specific activities. Anyway, I accept you have chosen your domain already and it will be myrealestatecompany.com


The next step is to make the site design. I believe it's important because when a visitor comes to your site you have to keep his attention. It's very easy to drive him away with "screaming" colours or huge blinking slogans like "We are the best company in the world". Instead it's good to have light, soft colours and a slogan like "We are probably the best ...". These things will put you in better position in your visitor's mind.

For example I will use the site www.homestates.co.uk to show you what I've done in this site.


First of all it's good to have a header that match your needs and it's perfect if it keeps the attention. In this site I made a flash animation with some flying birds

If you have your own slogan like "We can choose the perfect home for you" it's good to implement it in the web site header and as I said it is not necessary to be a huge one.

So, you put pieces together and have a perfect header matching your identity. The next step is to decide the structure of the site.


The site must have a main menu near the header where the visitors can find basic information about your company


Don't put in that menu secondary information like Terms and conditions, you can put it in additional menu, for example down the site



The search engine is very important especialy if you have a big number of properties. It's good if it keeps the visiotor's previously search - for example if he searchs for all properties of type Apartments and he gets 120 results then it's good if he can choose region London and the search engine shows him all the apartments from region London which are 90. Then if he can choose the property price range the search will tighten the results to 20. And here is his apartment!
If there are a lot of common characteristics of the properties you can place all of one kind in the left or right column. For example in the left you can put a small header called LOCATION and below the visitor can see all available locations - Ski resort, SPA resort, and so on.


The news section is useful for the search engines, they like to know if your site is being updated recently and they will thank for your efforts in their search engine results.


The same is for your visitors. You can send them your latest properties or you can just send them greatings. So they will know they are important for you and you hold on them.



In the property listing - for example in the home page as Special Offers or in the search results usually the visitor gets a number of properties and you have to help him to decide which property is for him. Usually you put a part of the information here - for example the property name, a short description, price or other. Don't put large information here, the visitor must only choose what he is interested for.
Once he had chosen a property there you must show him a complete information.



Every visitor will be pleased to find a complete information about the property he is interested in.
Give as much datailed information as you can.

Don't forget - A picture speaks more than the longest text! Place as any images as you can!

Here you can add some extra features to help visitors to be informed as clearly and accurately as possible. For example place a google map to locate the property


You can also add some files for download such as price lists, brocgures or other key information, it's a good idea if you place your contact information in case of further visitor's interest. I recommend you to put a link "Request More Informaton" which can be automatically filled with the property name or reference number - that link can leads the visitor to your feedback form with automatically filled "subject" field



In your real estate web site you can place also many other helpful information which can be useful for your visitors to reach you easily. Such as:

  • Property enquiry form - where the visitors can send their enquiries
  • Submit property form - where they can submit their own property for sale or rent
  • Email to a friend form - where they can send a property to email
  • Print property page
  • Pages of type "How to" - for example How to buy or How to sell

I hope all these features can help you to reach your customers and to have a successful real estate web site.

Konstantin Jivkov
25.04.2009 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Copyright Webdesignbg Ltd


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